The growth of the “Internet” has brought about an entire new body of law involving the application of traditional areas of law to the realm of the Internet.  Weide & Miller works closely with clients to protect their intellectual property in an online environment.

Weide & Miller has counselled clients with respect to a multitude of legal issues relating to their client’s Internet presence, including guidance in complying with relevant spam regulations as well as federal and state laws impacting online marketing.

Weide & Miller also counsels clients in the development and maintenance of their internet websites, including counselling related to website privacy policies, terms and conditions, and other related agreements as well as the application of trademark and copyright law to Internet websites.

Weide & Miller assists clients with stopping the unfair and unauthorized use of our clients’ trademark and copyright assets in an online environment by infringers trying to take advantage of our clients’ reputation and goodwill or misappropriating our clients’ copyrighted works for their own monetary gain.  Weide & Miller represents clients in online false advertising and defamation matters including “gripe sites” and other business defamation disputes and counsels clients on the necessary legal steps to follow in order to ensure that website owners are protected against liability for the defamatory statements of third parties posted on their websites.

Weide & Miller’s experience includes representing clients in domain name disputes both in federal court and in domain name arbitration actions under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy.  We have represented clients who have been the victims of cybersquatting as well as domain name hijacking.  Weide & Miller also provides legal services related to the management of large domain

Weide & Miller also provides counsel on the maintenance and management of large domain name portfolios by clients who seek to monetize domain names and who may be at risk of infringing on a third parties’ trademark rights.

Any websites that allow third parties to post content face the possibility of being sued for copyright infringement.  In order for such websites to be protected from liability for damages for copyright infringement under Copyright law, such websites must appoint an agent to serve as the recipient for any Notices of Claimed Infringement. Weide & Miller serves as the appointed agent for Notices of Claimed Infringement for numerous clients and also advises clients on others steps necessary to be protected from claims of third party infringement with respect to content posted online.

Weide & Miller’s Internet Law Services include the following:

  • Domain Name Disputes, including UDRP Actions, Cybersquatting Actions, and In Rem Cybersquatting Actions
  • Domain Name Portfolio Management
  • Online Defamation
  • Website Privacy Policies and Terms of Use
  • Spam Regulations and Online Marketing
  • Trademark and Copyright Protection for Online Content
  • Trademark and Copyright Enforcement Against Online Infringers
  • Agency Services for Notices of Claimed Infringement