Weide & Miller offers a broad range of patent related services for local, out of state, and international clients. We are licensed to practice before the U.S. Patent Office and numerous courts through out the U.S. We also offer, through trusted foreign counsel, patent services in numerous foreign countries. We are currently or have previously handled matters in over 39 foreign countries and have trusted foreign associates in each country. Our clients range from multinational corporations to local individual inventors, all with one commonality: Protecting and Monetizing Their Innovations. With over 60 years combined experience, Weide & Miller’s patent attorneys and litigators have a broad range of experience, are knowledgeable about the most recent patent rules and case law, and can assist you in identifying, obtaining, and enforcing patents on your inventions.

As part of the process of obtaining a patent, commonly referred to as patent prosecution, we assist clients with establishing company wide invention disclosure programs and evaluating which innovations are suitable for patent protection. We perform patent searching, prior art evaluation, and patentability opinions to help you judge how best to utilize your resources and evaluate the likelihood of patentability. Our focus is on potential claim scope, which is the key to patent protection and strength. Weide & Miller provides guidance for securing U.S. and foreign patent protection. As a testament to our services, numerous foreign companies and foreign law firms utilize our services for their patent protection and counselling needs.

Weide & Miller has several full time patent attorneys who are registered to practice before the U.S. Patent Office. We prepare and file patent applications, using your input and feedback, in order to obtain the greatest scope of patent protection available for you or your company’s innovations. We have solid backgrounds in a broad range of technologies including gaming, networking, computers and software, telecommunications, gaming and casino technology, electronic circuits, medical devices and procedures, exercise equipment, sporting equipment, surveillance systems, and numerous other mechanical and electrical systems. Our patent attorneys have bachelor of science degrees in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering.

After a patent application is filed, Weide & Miller will represent you or your company in the prosecution of your patent application through the challenges presented by the U.S. Patent Office examination process. This includes responding to Office Actions or any other correspondence from the Patent Office.

In addition to patent prosecution, the attorneys at Weide & Miller have a substantial understanding of how the Patent Office and the Courts interpret and enforce patents. We provide patent non-infringement opinions, patent infringement opinions, clearance searches, related legal opinions and general legal counseling. As such, we able to provide guidance in relation to your efforts to bring a new product to market by identifying and surveying patents which may affect your ability to sell your product or service.

In addition to patent prosecution, Weide and Miller has numerous full time litigators experienced in patent enforcement and patent defense. Our attorneys can take on your patent litigation matter whether the dispute involves a company infringing on your patent rights or you have been sued for patent infringement or have otherwise been served with an allegation of patent infringement such as a cease and desist letter. Our attorneys have even argued and won cases before the Federal Circuit, the sole court other than the U.S. Supreme Court, with authority to hear patent appeals. Few firms can make such claims. By presenting a strong offense in litigation and controlling costs, Weide & Miller litigators present your business with an advantage. In addition, because Weide & Miller utilizes a team approach by having patent prosecutors and patent litigators working together, we offer an advantage over firms which lack patent prosecution attorneys.

Whether the result of monetizing your patents, as part of product/service development, or through aggressive litigation, Weide & Miller also has substantial licensing experience and are able to secure and draft the best licensing terms to aid your long term business goals.

Weide & Miller’s Las Vegas and Regional Patent Services include the following:

  • Innovation Identification Programs
  • Invention Disclosure and Evaluation Programs
  • Patentability Searching and Counselling
  • U.S. Patent Preparation and Filing
  • Foreign Patent Filing
  • U.S. & Foreign Patent Prosecution and Issuance including Responding to Office Actions, Reissue Proceedings, Re-examination Proceedings, Patent Appeals, and Interferences
  • Post Issuance Maintenance Fees and Infringement Monitoring
  • Patent Infringement and Non-infringement Analysis
  • Sending and Responding to Cease and Desist Letters
  • Drafting Legal Opinions of Counsel
  • Patent Litigation, Patent Enforcement, Patent Infringement Defence
  • Negotiating and Drafting Trademark License Agreements, Coexistence Agreements, Consent Agreement, and Assignment Agreements

Providing legal services relating to patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and technology-related matters.

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